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2022 WWV Award Winners
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“Leadership is not a person or a position. It is a complex moral relationship between people based on trust, obligation, commitment, emotion, and a shared vision of the good.”
- Joanne Ciulla
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ari has worked consistently and hard with our team as a processor for the last three years and has recently transitioned to a Business Development Director. With a strong work ethic, commitment, and passion she has expanded her knowledge in the mortgage industry to become an expert about the loan process. She is excellent at time management, especially when it comes to closing loans. Her colleagues rely on her heavily for assistance and advice which she always provides with a smile.

She is a problem solver with the acumen to see things from a new angle. Her desire to grow will pave the way for even more success in the future. Parihan is considered someone to rely on and is a valuable member of the team.
Her vision for the future of women in this industry is for women to be ambitious leaders. She believes women continue to break boundaries, inspire others, and challenge themselves in this growing industry, which is a true example of leadership.
Everyone gets distracted... Top performers get back on track faster than most. This is the skill to develop. You will be interrupted, but you can choose to keep it brief.
- James Clear
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Anna is an exceptional leader. In her decade-plus time in the industry, she has demonstrated time and again her willingness to lead by example and share her knowledge, traits to be admired. She is always ready to jump in, learn, and invest her time. Anna has made herself into a valuable asset who aids and supports growth and development within the organization.
Anna is paving the way for female leaders within EPM. She is a strong leader in the industry and exemplifies the meaning of hard work and dedication.
The full quote from James Clear appeared in his blog: "Life presents an endless series of interruptions and distractions. You will continually be pulled off course or asked to put out a fire created by someone else. People will disrespect your time and steal your attention—usually with no intention of malice, but simply because different people have different priorities. When your day is interrupted or your progress stalls, it's easy for your mindset to collapse as well. You may feel guilty for not following through on what you intended to do. But you are not guilty, you are human. Everyone gets distracted. In many ways, the real divide is between those who get back on track quickly and those who let interruptions expand into longer periods of inactivity. Top performers get back on track faster than most. This is the skill to develop. You will be interrupted, but you can choose to keep it brief."
For over 20 years Alysha's focus in life and business has been sharing her talents to empower others and help them attain their goals.
Starting in the Financial Industry at the age of 17, she quickly gained a passion for all things related to monetary strategies. Playing with numbers all the time, she explored cause and effect, budgets, compounding interest, costs, gains, and more. Although she has been involved in Real Estate, Business, and Finance for over 20 years, when she specifically entered the Mortgage Industry only seven years ago, it was like she found the next level of her passion began so many years prior.
Becoming a mortgage professional for Alysha was first about being able to be a mom. The career change provided the opportunity to provide extras in life for her family and still be able to show up in their life daily.
She continues to combine the pursuit of excellence with the desire to share her knowledge with those around her and help them rise. She is the perfect example of someone in the position to serve with the right heart and intention. Every year she has grown and surpassed new levels both personally and professionally. She is deeply connected to her communities, her family, and her faith.
Alysha is also passionate about helping women - wives and mothers - succeed in rewarding careers without giving up the desire to be present for those they love, and to show one truly can have it all.
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“Why must our only option be to sink or swim? I would much rather Soar!” - Alysha Boles
"I am not afraid; I was born for this."
- Joan of Arc
For Kim, being a Woman with Vision is two-fold: having passion and continued learning. She is passionate about process efficiency, technology, customer experience, and constant investment in knowledge. She talks about these topics at every opportunity!
Like many in the industry, Kim thinks modernization is overdue. The term is used frequently, but she doubts many think the industry delivers a modern experience. It costs approximately $11,000 to originate a loan, on average. It still takes 45 days, is sequential in nature, hyper manual, difficult to scale, and prone to errors.
Kim wants to see mortgage approval take less time than at present. She is focused on seeing this as an end goal for the mortgage industry. Kim’s former and most-admired boss once told her, “if you aim for the moon, at least you’ll get your tail off the ground.” Kimberly is excited about the future, seeing a lower approval time, and believes leveraging technology can make this a reality.
Her vision is to see a fully automated mortgage loan process. Buyers are focused on the joy of homeownership; the industry can make this a reality.
Kim’s other passion is learning and the importance of continued education to serve clients. Kim’s vision for women in the industry is a bit baffling due to the current state of the industry. She said it feels worse than the subprime meltdown, with the number of displaced people and, the loss of opportunity. Unsure of what the industry will look like regarding size and opportunity is unknown, but knowing the industry provides a great service to the overall economy, she is certain this will pass. When it does, Kim hopes the industry is at a point where women know no bounds! It won’t be about male or female it will be about impact. It’s up to women to find their voice, be fearless, and take the position at the head of the table. Power is taken, it’s not given, and it’s time more women take it. The quote from Joan of Arc hangs in Kim's office. She says of it, "If I had a tattoo, it would say this! I often find myself enveloped in the negative brain swirl of “what if” stating this brings me back to the reality of the moment." Kim is thankful to be part of this industry and able to make a difference in many people’s lives. “It’s beyond words, and what a privilege it is to be a Mortgage Banker.”
We must empower women to be independent, to be bold, to take a leap of faith when an opportunity presents itself, and help their dreams become a reality.
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Lilia Abee is fondly known as Miss Lil in the mortgage industry. She is an active member of the broker community, a champion for women, and an advocate for borrowers. Miss Lil sets the bar high and always goes above and beyond. Her vision for women is to have courage and take a leap of faith, just as she did in 1990 when she opened her mortgage brokerage and as she still does today. Without action, it’s just a dream. It is up to each woman to do everything in her power to make dreams become a reality.
“Great leaders are, first and foremost, great students.”

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Throughout Jennifer’s 17-year career in the mortgage industry, she has focused on leadership and growth. She always advocates for personal and professional growth, both under her management and within her peer relationships, and tirelessly advocates for equity in all areas.
As the Chief Compliance Officer for Universal Lending Corporation, Jennifer maintains clear insight and a guided vision on improving individual performances and competencies within the department. Maintaining a positive and collaborative mindset has helped Jennifer set expectations for successful teamwork within the company. She also manages everything with a risk-based approach to ensure compliance with state and federal law while maintaining company profitability.
Jennifer believes in mentorship to promote and move individuals into leadership roles, which is proven through the support of her past and current staff. Her success as a leader is directly tied to the mentorship she received. Jennifer serves as the Vice Chair and Board Member of the Colorado Mortgage Loan Originators. In 2021, she earned the Women in Lending Leadership award from the Colorado Mortgage Lender’s Association.
Her vision for the future is a continued focus on education, knowledge, and empowerment of all individuals within the industry. As we face the inevitable market volatility, she continues to maintain the ability to lead through difficulties and stay a constant positive presence and mentor for her peers.
“Mastering others is a strength; mastering yourself is a true power.”
- Lao Tzu
Gloria Polanco’s vision is to lead with your mind, rise to the occasion, and actively seek out opportunities to grow! Her vision is evident in all she does. Gloria is the glue to her team. The words generous with knowledge describe her perfectly; she supports her peers and the company leaders as she in turn leads the way searching for new avenues to develop knowledge and share it widely. As a compassionate leader, she actively shares her vision through assistance given to others. She is dependable, friendly, hardworking, and generous.