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2022 WWV Award Winners
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"Strong women don’t have attitudes we have standards."
– Marilyn Monroe
Learn more about Hamiley...
Hamiley Leon, a rising star, is firmly on the path to becoming a great leader. Hamiley inspires others around her. When a team member needs guidance, she always offers to help them. She keeps a great relationship with her peers and brings has the best attitude and energy at all she does. Hamiley is committed to continued learning about every part of this industry to keep her mind sharp and skills fresh.
Her vision is to expand and improve this industry through kindness, support, and growth. When women focus on relationships and positive energy, more and more of us will step into leadership roles and take the industry into a strong future.
"It is as important as ever to own a home. The mortgage process is detailed and can be complex, but when with a well-planned outflow it becomes easier. I work on obtaining clients for life."
Learn more about Debbi...
Twenty years ago, Debbi Galvan joined the mortgage business and developed a passion for seeing first-time homebuyers step into their journey. To this day, she feels the excitement and shares the happy anticipation of the buyer along each step of the process. She holds accountability in the highest regard when working for her borrowers and prides herself on being called Your Lender for Life.
In addition to her mortgage business, she manages to be a mother of four alongside her husband of 26 years. She teaches her family how to carry success and still have a work-life balance. However, she explained how her children have recently been encouraging her to try out all the latest social media marketing techniques, including TikTok.
Named Empire Home Loans' number two top producer in 2021 in total volume and Number three in total units, Debbi constantly works to grow deeper in her knowledge to help her clients. In 2022, Debbi earned her Certified Mortgage Advisor Certificate through MBS Highway.
Debbi takes pride in her ability to educate clients throughout the process. She strives to make the mortgage loan process as stress-free as possible and believes clients are best- served by her practices of explaining the process in depth and always aiming to exceed their expectations. Debbi’s passion and dedication to seeing her clients succeed is heartwarming and encourages all around her to grow deeper in their industry knowledge.
"She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future."
Proverbs 31-25
Learn more about Paige...
Although a relative newcomer to the industry, Paige is a rockstar in the loan origination world. Having moved over from a retail lender in December 2020 and joining Melanie Walburg at Destiny Mortgage Lending, Paige has worked tirelessly, seven days a week, to make a name for herself and be as successful as possible.
One day Paige will own her own mortgage brokerage and possibly even take over Destiny Mortgage Lending. Paige has many God-given talents. She prays and consults the Lord before making any big moves. Continuing her faith journey means the sky is the limit for Paige, both personally and professionally!
Seek to grow as a leader, as a recruiter, as a mentor to other originators and the opportunities are endless.
Mindset + Mechanics = Momentum. -Jen Du Plessis
Dr. Willey Jolley says, “Rich is great, but wealth is better.”
Learn more about Sue...
Celebrating 40 years in the lending industry in March 2023, Jen’s accomplishments through the years are a testament to her proven theory on the relationship between motivation and mindset, helping her rise through the ranks. Starting her career as a receptionist/set-up clerk she is now a sought-after speaker, mentor, and contributor in the industry. Her podcast, Mortgage Lending Mastery celebrates ten years in January 2023 and is the longest-running podcast in the mortgage space.
Jen believes motivation is an outside job requiring each person to seek people, conferences, and resources to receive that brief moment of inspiration leading to action. Inspiration is the harder work, the daily habits of mindset over mechanics. When we find vision, intention, and purpose through daily meditation, prayer, self-care, personal and professional development, self-awareness, and healthy habits in all areas of our life, it allows us to wake up each day with the energy, desire, drive, and motivation to achieve everything we desire. Mindset + Mechanics = Momentum. The result?People are drawn to those with vision.
With each passing year, Jen’s vision is more cultivated by the achievements of women globally. She feels honored to be part of an amazing industry that allows women their own empowerment to succeed in anything they choose. She believes the challenge for the future is for women to step outside their comfort levels to realize the power they already possess.
"We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation, to make sure women’s voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored."
– Sheryl Sandberg
Learn more about Megan...
Jenna Silverman is a talented marketer who launches brand videos and state-of-the-art marketing campaigns and programs. Jenna is a brand ambassador who can produce an incredible story in videography, an executor of ideas, and an influencer of incredible magnitudes.
As a long-time advocate for change, Jenna is an expert when it comes to creating space for change. With a strong background in psychology, hospitality, and marketing, Jenna helps pave the way in her industries with unmatched leadership skills.
Today, as the Chief Operating Officer of Culture Matters, Jenna lives a belief, purpose, goal, mission, and vision focused on reading, writing, listening, and speaking every day to develop a love for yourself and others, and to uncover the genius of other people. Her continuing goal is to make curiosity cool and popularize a vision where human culture is open, curious, and focused on creating our future.
Jenna is always ready for the next chapter and ready to face each day with one goal in mind: to be better than the day before. Her vision is bright and big.
“Dedicated, determined, and dependable are three words describing Reshma.”
- Rez Esmail
Reshma’s vision is to exceed and excel throughout the industry by providing exceptional customer service and support, and sharing a positive attitude both to those whom she works with and her team, coworkers, and clients. Reshma strives to make homeownership a smooth process and to show borrowers they are not alone.
Reshma’s leadership is hands-on and proactive. She is driven and is a self-starter professionally who embodies a strong desire to always be learning and gaining knowledge to share. She excels and often exceeds expectations in any role she takes on.
Reshma is living her vision and sharing her strengths with her FOM team. Her go-getter attitude, care, and passion for clients set her apart from others in the industry who occupy the same position.

Learn more about Reshma...
Professional success is about building a sustainable business, leading with vision and efficiency, and empowering others to take their seat at the table.
Learn more about Jamie...
Jamie, who has broken through multiple glass-ceiling barriers to sit on executive leadership teams, is a passionate supporter of women in the mortgage industry. Her diverse experience includes origination, compliance, credit risk, post-closing, and secondary marketing management. Jamie is a firm believer in empowering women to find their own seats at the table. She has shown the way through her own success and offers a hand daily to any females needing help to succeed in the industry. Jamie is one of a kind, a class act, and a singular pillar in the mortgage industry.
Over the course of her 20-plus career, Jamie has come to exemplify the consummate mortgage professional. Jamie runs operations for a well-established brokerage and continually finds innovative ways to scale and grow her business. She is the first to help any broker in the community who finds themselves in need of motivation. She supports and upholds the growth and success of the broker community as a whole. Her vision is to see more women pull up seats at the table and own their place in our industry. In bringing this vision to life, she helps ensure women continue to level up and reach the top!