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2022 WWV Award Winners
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"Power isn't control at all - power is strength and giving strength to others. A leader isn't someone who forces others to make him stronger; a leader is someone willing to give their strength to others that they may have the strength to stand on their own."
- Beth Revis
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Kiran’s vision is empowering and influencing people throughout the industry, showing that women are able to be proud, successful, and lead with passion. A 17-year veteran in the industry, Kiran leads the way, organizing specialized training for her team with 20/20 Vision. She is involved in MPOWER and promoting women within the MBA.
Embracing her role with a firm commitment to the business, Kiran has responsibility for the growth of her regions to over 50mm a month in production and eight branches within the organization. She is the first female at First Option Mortgage to hold the role of a Regional leader, and she actively works toward growing more branches and increasing top-end revenue.
Women are vastly underrepresented in leadership in the mortgage industry.
As a leader in the industry for over 30 years, Carol Pope takes a personal oath to represent what every woman in the mortgage industry is capable of when they operate with great integrity. She is proud to be one of the top producers at Empire, leading the way for other extraordinary women in this industry. She argues women have the greatest attention to detail in the mortgage industry and are often the best all-around educators, marking their importance for representation within the mortgage industry.
Carol Pope is a powerful leader in the mortgage sector, a woman who operates with honesty at her core. When it comes to assisting her clients, she uses a visceral approach to finish the job, setting an ethical example for borrowers, taking responsibility seriously, and ensuring great service to countless satisfied clients. Carol’s vast knowledge, competence, and dedication have garnered numerous industry-leading honors, including the 2019 President’s Award from the Master Builders Association and the 2016 Jane Jones Award for Outstanding Mortgage Professional by the WA Association of Mortgage Professionals. She has a solid foundation in discipline and integrity, providing superior communications and advice, and serving the best interests of each client throughout.
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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt
The future looks bright! As with many leading ladies, helping others is at the forefront of her mind. Women are expert jugglers, and technology can give them extra arms.
Because Jaki lives in her vision, her view of the future is clear. She understands the need for now within the mortgage industry. Jaki is a 20-year veteran in the industry and this year she was awarded Most Powerful Woman in FinTech by The Progress in Lending Association. She has become known for finding incremental steps to deliver impactful change and driving operational results. She jokes that her brain sees things from 80,000 feet up and five years into the future because she never loses sight of the North Star goal.
She is fixated on building a better tomorrow, not on what’s happening in the trenches. She holds faith for things to turn out better than expected. No matter what the challenge or opportunity, Jaki approaches it with the same disruptive formula, discarding the way we have always done it to build something better for the future.
When Jaki talks about falling in love with the technology side of the mortgage business, her passion is palpable. She has a long-term vision of what could be developed and is on the journey to create it. Possibilities are what move her out of bed in the morning. She imagines a seamless, more simultaneous, highly automated scalable mortgage process, and she works daily to help create it with her team. As more women move from sales and operations into technology, data analytics, and marketing, they give the industry insight that wasn’t in the mix before.
Her hope is for strong women to continue to make their voices heard and be unapologetic about their ability to make this industry better with the unique knowledge they bring. We are in the era of fast information and having everything immediately at your fingertips; Jaki has a passion to deliver information the second it is needed via intelligent, dynamic, and seamless digital workflows, and this desire is at the root of her automation vision. She really does believe in the beauty of creating the future and infinite possibilities.
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“As a man thinketh, so is he.” -Prov 23:7
Women are born leaders who deserve encouragement to speak up, live an exemplary life, and urge other aspiring women to reach for their vision.
A 20-year veteran in the industry, Nike Ojo is a leader who credits a positive outlook on life with having played a major role in the successes she’s achieved. A winner of the Hall of AIME Sparking Change award and named as a UWM Top 1 Percent, Nike also serves as a director on the Women With Vision board.
Nike truly believes gender does not hinder, rather the opposite; there's nothing in the world that can stop a woman with a clear vision from achieving a set goal.
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“One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.”
– Sheila Murray Bethel
Sujita is a ray of sunshine on even the toughest of mortgage days. She is hardworking, always optimistic, and a true immigrant success story. She came to the US with nothing and built herself up from menial jobs to being a leading force in her community. Her trustworthy reputation has garnered the respect needed to develop business in the mortgage industry. She has helped numerous people achieve their dreams of owning a home by bringing them to the Kash crew for home loans. For Sujita, the sky is the limit. I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things she will achieve.
Sujita’s vision is to encourage women to make the leap to their professional and personal success. She believes smart business leaders will expand and create new roles for women as well as promote a fair parental leave policy. Everyone who embraces her vision will work together to keep the vision alive and morph into a better future for all.
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"A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not positions." - John Maxwell
Celline Iglesias is, without a doubt, driven by passion and not positions. Her passion for what she does is contagious. She would want to see more women in decision-making roles in this industry which, despite many inroads having been made in recent years, remains a male-dominated industry.
A 10-year veteran in the industry and founder of The Mortgage Processing Company, Celline is a woman of vision who is on her way, having already accomplished great work. She knows having a strong vision gives you a target and direction, and thus she values the clear vision she has of what she wants, where she wants to go, and with whom. Celline strives to make an impact on the lives she touches.