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“I love dancing. If there’s music, I’m dancing, and the world is good. I wish I could say I’m good at salsa, samba, you know, fancy dance steps like ballroom. But if the music is danceable, I’m dancing. I don’t need to know the words. I just need to feel the beat." While it’s unusual to begin an article about a mortgage professional by discussing one of her hobbies, it presents a powerful analogy. The passion and joy Amorette (Moe) Hernandez puts into her dance is a reflection of how she approaches life in general, both personally and professionally.
Moe joined the industry in a retail bank in the late 90s, moving through many roles from bank teller to international private bank relationship liaison. The jump into mortgages happened after the birth of her first child and was driven by the need for flexibility. As often happens with a new child, she realized the flexible options were not bendable enough, and she chose to focus on home and her new daughter.
“This was an opportunity and a blessing. I am forever thankful to my husband for always supporting our family. I returned to the mortgage industry in 2005 after purchasing our first home. We were pre-approved and shopping with our Realtor when he suggested that we speak to his mortgage broker. The broker won our business, and we developed a relationship that lasted well after our transaction. A few months later, I started working on her database management, then marketing, then file and admin support until I finally stepped into the production role again.”
Moe, always a go-getter, became licensed and learned first-hand what it takes to be an independent business owner. “The years have taught me about grit, sacrifice, tests, failures, lessons, vulnerability, design and redesign, goals, family support, making friendships, building relationships, and everything in between. After almost two decades in the mortgage broker industry, balancing harmony in my career and my family remains a priority. I've been fortunate to have amazing support from my family and colleagues. That same support has fueled me to push myself and live unafraid, relentless yet flexible, on the journey towards my goals.
“Joining the CMS family in 2023 was the opportunity of a lifetime. It has allowed me to continue fueling my passion to provide the ultimate mortgage experience for my clients and referral partners. It has given me pillars of support and empowered me to collaborate while building the communities I serve. It has granted me beautiful chances to help others along their journey while uplifting them. It ensures I can bring my flavor, spin, and perspective to the task at hand while helping find solutions and ideas to spark the next goal. “Reaching across the table has always been, and remains, paramount for me. Being the Growth Architect for CMS has given me the freedom to design the life we've worked hard to achieve over these last two decades. This is my biggest accomplishment so far. I can't wait to experience what's next. The best is yet to come.”
Moe is a believer in failing as many times as necessary to achieve success and is not a person who counts regrets in life. She looks forward, reaching for the other side of an experience, knowing there’s value in having gone through it.
“I will say one of life’s biggest challenges is learning how to get out of our own way. Our egos can deceive us, and the sooner we learn to leave ego at the door and work towards the greater good of the cause, the better. “I think my greatest personal success is my family. They are the biggest testament to the sacrifices my husband and I have made. Our children enjoy a healthy academic and sports lifestyle. They’ve pursued their goals and have learned many lessons while working toward them.
“This quote by Dr. Martin Luther King is special to me because my life is led by my faith. It is beautiful and precious to know every step brings us closer to Him and closer to the goal at hand. We are on earth to do amazing things, help each other, and experience the beautiful world through the gifts He’s given us.
“This Psalm quote is also special to me. My life can be filled with lots of anxiety, stress, and worry. I love this reminder that He is already making the way ahead of me, and I must be still and trust in Him.”
Moe is a boots-on-the-ground type of leader. She does not ask anyone to do something she’s unwilling to try or do herself. Process and flow are important, as is continual reinspection to ensure partners, clients, and team are being attended to and are on the same path to success. Moe is also pragmatic and visionary, two traits she credits as critical to her success.
“My strengths include being a hard worker, a problem solver, and a leader whose viewpoint comes from outside the box. My attitude is usually upbeat, nurturing, and honest. I also find both strength and solace in my vision to empower the consumer and to serve the community.”
Moe, as a female leader in a male-dominated industry, recognizes she leans heavily on her point of view. She has been known to disregard the distinction between male and female leadership, believing the best person in any leadership role can be any gender. That said, she especially admires the skill and commitment of women who successfully juggle managing their home and family and their book of business.
“I love how this industry gives us the ability to help families understand the power within their hands to create generational wealth and follow a path to real estate investing. As a mortgage broker, having the opportunity to find the right combination of product, pricing, and service to help every family is a WIN!
“It is important to me to keep a clear vision, one that includes bringing value to the table for the teams I am fortunate to work with and ensures continued learning and growing as I push myself to new heights and challenges. No vision is complete without balance, so enjoying my family as each chapter comes for my children and seeing my husband retire and start to enjoy the next chapter of his life as well as helping my entire family through the milestones life brings, cannot be discounted. Simply put, my vision is to be happy, have physical and spiritual health, and have freedom to enjoy life.”
Family is at the heart of what drives Moe, and family is woven into every aspect of her life, including her career. She and husband Jorge were high school sweethearts. Daughter Alessandra is in college studying business and cyber security. Her goals are to work for the government and law enforcement investigation. Son J.R. is in his senior year of high school. He is a student athlete with swim and track teams. His goal is to attend university and study engineering. Moe considers raising her children to have been a joy, and she feels blessed to experience this time having a wonderful relationship with them as young adults. Her husband and she enjoy traveling with them and sharing many of life’s adventures together.
Travel is another hobby she enjoys. She and Jorge are looking forward to his retirement in a few years from government service, which will give them the time to travel to a few places they have delayed seeing.
“I would love to visit Europe, I would love to go to Rome, Spain, and Jerusalem, and I would love to see Israel. I would love to see the old world. Here in the United States, we have colonial times. In Arizona, we have a lot of Native American artifacts, the desert dwellers living inside of the mountains. But I would also love to see the old world, like in the 1600s, 1400s. So many places have rich cultures I know little about.
“Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.
“Be Still”

– Psalm 46:10

Culture is important to Moe. Not only the culture and customs of diverse countries but the heritage and culture of her own family.
“Speaking culturally, the woman is the one who makes the family and can break the family, obviously. In the Hispanic culture I grew up in, it's the man who is the head of the household. And yet, everyone knows it is the woman who molds the household. I believe our children are the way they are because of the open communication they saw between my husband and me. We were open and honest. We didn't use a fear tactic without an explanation. “Jorge made up an analogy that still sticks with us today. They were young when they started bowling with us, young enough the bowling alley put up bumpers in the gutters so that their balls wouldn’t keep going in. Jorge told them we, their mommy and daddy, are their bumpers for life. He said, ‘We'll let you knock yourselves out and here and there you'll hit the wall because of decisions you're making. But we won't let you go into the gutter.’ “And they have always known that they can come to us with anything, and our first job is to help them, protect them. And then we can spank them or whatever, afterwards.”
Moe grew up in a customary Hispanic culture and upbringing. When Moe was young, her family (parents and two brothers) lived near her maternal grandparents. Both of Moe's parents worked for the local State and Federal government and being close to the grandparents was convenient. Moe watched these two strong women balance their daily life. Grandmother, the matriarch of the entire family, who didn't finish school, raised seven children and watched over all the grandchildren. Her mother went to college and juggled her career and family. Moe was the traditional Hispanic woman mold being broken in front of her eyes.
“I saw my mom juggling motherhood and career, she had my grandma to lean on, so we always had someone near and close to help. When it was my turn with motherhood, I was like, what the hell? I didn't live near my mom, and suddenly I had to choose between my career and family. And I did not want to choose. I wanted it all. Watching my grandma taking care of us, and watching my mom juggle both, made it easier for me to make my own decision because daycare was just not affordable for us. There is no proper or perfect plan for anybody. Everybody's house is different. Everybody's family styles are different. There's no right or wrong. Every family has different needs. My culture, my base, made it possible for me to make good decisions for my family." “And good decisions for my career and business. Taking care of clients is not unlike taking care of family. Having a base to draw from and the ability to map out the client’s journey and ensure they feel empowered and cared for cannot be undervalued. This could be at risk in the wake of the amazing technological advances we see coming. "In the end, this business is about the people. To have an ecosystem giving the producer service and support is powerful; it is empowering humans who can deliver top-notch service by leveraging teamwork. We are put in charge because we care. We understand being in a position to help, not just in finance. “I hope and believe there will always be a space for emotion in this industry, and that it doesn't turn into a plain Jane technology-driven commodity that is black and white numbers. I hope there will always be color. I hope there will always be emotion and laughter to balance the numbers. “I do truly believe when you're happy, the rest of your life is good. And when you're not happy, then everything is wrong. So that's why for me, I'm like super intentional about being upbeat and positive. I know I've seen how dark it can get. I don't like to live there for long. Obviously, having moments of sadness and being able to reflect is part of living. But I really, really, try to always live in the sun. I chase the sun every day.”