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Good Vibe Squad
The Growth Machine For Mortgage Professionals. Create exponential growth and profit for loan officers – by systematically generating unlimited mortgage leads and appointments that are guaranteed to close to funded loans!
VisionMark’s mission is to bring expertise as a full-service marketing firm for the professionals striving for the commercialization of their business. We believe taking your vision and attracting the world to it is our magic. VisionMark, we hit the MARK for you!
Vonk Digital, an industry leader in website and marketing tools for mortgage originators across America, is a proud sponsor and hosting partner of Women With Vision Magazine. To learn how Vonk Digital can help you leverage the “New Way” to build your brand, authority & credibility with our website platform and tools visit us at
20/20 Retreats and Excursions
A full day along the shores of beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. You could not ask for a more relaxing place to focus on your business… You will leave with tactical, new, and innovative ways to run every part of your business while finding alignment in all departments.
20/20 Vision for Success Coaching and Consulting
Coaching is about building a foundation for results and knowing how to step into action based on that foundation. Turning vision into reality requires trust that the bedrock beneath the vision is sound. Coaching with 20/20 Vision begins by building and strengthening your foundation and ensures you remain focused on the vision for success.
Mortgage Women Speakers Bureau
Why hire a mortgage women speaker? Because women add a unique perspective to sales and marketing strategies. To inspirational messages. To social media engagement. Diversify your speakers’ roster.
Clear Choice Mortgage

Jen Du Plessis

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