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Women With Vision Magazine is a digital publication for mortgage professionals featuring stories and guidance for women leaders interested in growing their careers and businesses while enjoying a lifestyle of their choosing.
The Vision is a digital magazine filled with articles and stories which define mortgage professionals today and into the future.
Christine Beckwith
Dear Readers, Happy New Year! Twenty-twenty-two was one of the fastest in the history of my life. It could be because I did enormous things, and the list of what I did was vast. The first order of my 2023 business plans is to simplify. I actually feel and am using my note to you this month to admit I did too much. I won’t bore you with the list; some of what I did was amazing, some challenging, some overwhelming, and all of it, in the end, was quite incredible. There is no question whatsoever; I moved the needle in my business, fought off the tide of decline in our market, and opened doors to new things, places, divisions, and people, all while balancing some pretty big events.

What are you questing for in 2023? What is your word for the year, your mantra? I hope whatever it is focuses primarily on your purpose. Your purpose in this world will excite you, propel you, feed you, and fuel our world in its best way. Have you found your purpose, and are you living in it, or are you misaligned? I challenge you to consider how well your business plans align with your purpose. These are some questions for you to answer. I would also like to salute all of the incredible, amazing, and brave women who are this year’s 2022 Winners of the Women With Vision Awards. Each of them is, respectively, extraordinary, and we have paid homage in this edition to their careers and bow to them for their incredible win. We hope their stories inspire you, you connect with them, and most of all, you follow them with us in 2023 to the stage (to be announced) for their awards as well as education and motivation for everyone navigating this market and industry with the vigor you all possess. Happy New Year to all of you, and Congratulations to our Winners! May God bless you as you travel throughout our good land and beyond, chasing your wildest dreams this year. We thank you for being a reader and ask you to subscribe; it is FREE but not to be mistaken for cheap. The content is rich in knowledge and advice and is our gift to our community.
Candy Zulkosky, Editor in Chief
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