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Christine Beckwith
Dear Readers,
I am thrilled to see the dual covers for July and August with two affiliated professionals, Deshawn Smith and Amorette Hernandez. Both are incredible and amazing humans, as well as thriving and tenacious business entrepreneurs. In addition to their amazing covers, another beautiful edition of our magazine was delivered by the talented trio of Candy Zulkosky, Colleen Wietmarschen, and Peter Wietmarschen, all of whom really pour their hearts into these magazine issues for your reading pleasure.
Picking Up Steam
I am not going to make my commentary lengthy in this sweet summer edition, but just say that as we round the corner into the third quarter, we are picking up steam in every measurable way I can see. People working in our view are starting to gain traction after long run efforts with little results. Companies are finding their foothold. This market has been a reminder to avoid taking business for granted when times are good, to conserve bountiful resources and save for the rainy day, and to show up every single day. This is what is happening this year at 2020 Vision as well. We are working hard on all areas of needed growth, and we are maintaining. We are shoulder to shoulder with an industry fighting its way back, and we could not be happier riding shotgun with so many incredible people.
Finally, we are grateful for the committed and loyal dedication of the people who have continued coaching and consulting with us this year. With and for them, we are surviving a tough year, and we are showing up in every way we can to give free value to our mortgage followers in the public arenas as well. We hope we are making a difference and believe we are.
This past month we celebrated the Women With Vision of 2022, and if you did not see the ceremony, I hope you will check out the show via the link in this edition. It’s an emotional, fun, and special recognition of the incredible women who are leading and changing the face of a male-dominated field. I applaud each and thank them for helping us elevate our cause.
Happy Summer! We hope you find time to enjoy the sun and have fun out there!
Candy Zulkosky, Editor in Chief
We are grateful for the support of you, our readers. And as always, offer a big Thank You to all who subscribe to and advertise in both magazines. I hope you enjoy today’s issue and will share TheVisionMag.com in social media. A quick tip, look for the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of any page to easily share that page to social media!
And please do reach out and congratulate your peers whose bylines and profiles appear in these pages. We love working with talented industry professionals to give them what is often their first byline as a writer. For those on a leadership path, writing for a national magazine is a great way to build your professional brand.
Be sure to tag us in your posts #thevisionmag and #2020visionforsuccesscoaching. We love the feedback!
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