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The Vision
"We're not going to be in a housing bubble. But you can't just say that, you have to explain it with logic."
- Barry Habib
For many in the mortgage industry, one of the staples of the new year is experiencing the What’s the Big Deal digital event hosted by Christine Beckwith of 20/20 Vision for Success Coaching. This annual event brings together top leaders to predict and share their visions for the coming year.
What’s the Big Deal in 2023 featured (in no particular order) Barry Habib, Jen Du Plessis, Dave Savage, Ryan and Jessica Ehler, Cindy Ertman, and Todd Bookspan, along with host Beckwith. Each delivered above-and-beyond expectations, as always. Their messages were clear, filled with next-level and practical advice based on—cumulatively—hundreds of years of experience. The well-attended event was delivered to an attentive and appreciative audience on a live digital stage.
"Branding is huge. Don't sleep on that. It's more than a logo. Your brand is your vibe, it's what people think, how you make them feel. It's time to nail down your brand." -Jessica Ehler
Become the Local Celebrity
Opening the event were Ryan and Jessica Ehler, a husband and wife loan team and founders of the LO Code and the LO Code Podcast where they teach everything about marketing and video marketing in particular. They are masters in showing mortgage pros how to find business success by becoming the local mortgage celebrity in their community.
  • The importance of social media.
  • Why video is vital.
  • Tips and tricks for getting past roadblocks.
  • Look into the camera!
  • What should you say about your success?
  • How frequently should you post videos?
  • When should you post your content?
About LO Code
About Mortgage Marketing Masterclass
"Loan officers who are successful, work it as a career. They work a schedule, they hold themselves accountable." -Todd Bookspan
Job or Career? How to Win in 2023
Next up was Todd Bookspan whose spellbinding storytelling peppered with true lessons kept the energy level high. The author of Win by Noon, Todd has 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a business leader. And for the past 15 years as a mortgage originator, Todd has proven successful in cultivating both teams and branch offices. He has designed the Win by Noon Planner as a tool to increase productivity.
  • Practice what you preach and lead by example.
  • Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points in a game.
  • Wilt Chamberlain’s magic night.
  • Financial freedom vs. time freedom.
  • How to take back your time.
  • The importance of pre-qualification.
More About Todd
"I encourage you to stop looking in the rearview mirror and start looking at the road ahead. Be empowered because there is business being had right now. Real change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. If you work hard, you drive and make a living, but if you work hard on yourself, you make a fortune. " -Cindy Ertman
3 Key Strategies to Jumpstart Your Mortgage Success in 2023
Cindy Ertman is an industry coach and co-founder of The Defining Difference, a success-based coaching and training company devoted to helping people master the power of intentional choice to create a defining difference in their own life. She has developed a track record of helping high achievers shift the way that they see the world and expand their vision of possibility by teaching them her total success approach to business. Cindy is dedicated to empowering the growth of others.
  • The importance of having an abundance mindset.
  • How to reframe your story.
  • What does success mean to you?
  • How to squash the negative voice.
  • Ways to build and grow your social media presence.
  • It’s really about our daily habits.
More About Cindy
"Mindset plus mechanics equals momentum. It is not enough to know your craft, it's not enough to know how to do a loan, how to pull credit, how to run income, how to do all those, you've got to get your mindset in the game.
This is the time, not tomorrow. Today. Take action today. Don't wait for tomorrow." -Jen Du Plessis
Don't Hibernate! Focus and Accelerate
More About Jen
Jen Du Plessis is a multi-published, award-winning Best Selling Author. A longtime mortgage expert, she is affectionately known as America's mortgage mentor and a leading expert in creating world-class teams. She has been in the financial services industry for four decades and works with high-achieving loan officers and team leaders who are stuck at six figures and want to reach seven figures per year.
  • Reduced competition in the industry.
  • How to take action today.
  • How to be a better mortgage loan officer.
  • How to be more persuasive.
  • How to increase your influence.
"Technology is not going to replace loan officers but data-driven mortgage advisors." -Dave Savage
Top 4 Strategies $100m Producers Are Doing in 2023
Dave Savage, founder of Mortgage Coach is now Chief Innovation Officer of Mortgage Coach and Sales Boomerang. Together they created the industry's first borrower intelligence platform to help borrowers achieve financial freedom and empower lenders to become lifelong champions for borrowers. Dave is dedicated to sharing best practices and a nationally known speaker on database optimization, mortgage advice, and financial literacy empowerment.
  • The six megatrends of 100 million dollar producers.
  • Databases are becoming data banks.
  • Redefining the real world with data-driven mortgage advisors.
  • Expanding marketplaces.
  • How to help people sell more homes this year.
More About Dave
"Don't you dare get discouraged. Don't you dare think about quitting. I have seen these turns before, we are near an inflection point. Don't miss it and don't go into it unprepared. "
-Barry Habib
The Opportunity You're Waiting for in Housing
Barry Habib, CEO of MBS Highway is an American entrepreneur and frequent media resource for mortgage and housing. He is an Amazon number one best-selling author and a three-time Zillow crystal ball winner for most accurate real estate forecasts. During his mortgage sales career, Barry personally originated over $2 billion in business. He is the highest-rated speaker and trainer, and a certified mortgage advisor, known for elevating professionals and the industry.
  • Understanding what drives housing.
  • Mortgage rates rise in lockstep.
  • How do we measure inflation? Inflation is not peaking.
  • Understanding the lag effect of shelter costs.
  • Mortgage rates are going to come down.
  • What does the future hold for us in 2023?
  • Why does inventory go up and down every year?
  • The good news about the market.
  • Should I buy or rent?
  • Looking at the big picture.
More About Barry