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Women With Vision Magazine is a digital publication for mortgage professionals featuring stories and guidance for women leaders interested in growing their careers and businesses while enjoying a lifestyle of their choosing.
The Vision is a digital magazine filled with articles and stories which define mortgage professionals today and into the future.
Christine Beckwith
Dear Readers,
I am truly amazed at the dedicated staff we have here at our E-magazine and marketing department. Once again, they are delivering beautiful, content-rich, educational and inspirational content for mortgage and real estate pros nationwide.
This month’s theme of managing through the conflict of an emergent market is near and dear to me and could not be timelier. Having led organizations through growth to full consolidation and closure during down-turned markets and saving others to great success, I know what this market feels like. I have repeatedly urged professionals to secure a seat with us to learn about true selling in this economic climate, as there is plenty of meat on the bone of mortgage sales with high debt and equity position. We are seeing the fruits of their labor manifest right now as we speak amongst many professionals who coach with us at 20/20.

My advice for professionals right now is to work hard and develop and strengthen your business for the climb we will undoubtedly experience in the year ahead. Now is the time for hard work and consistency, patience, tenacity, and faith.

We are here with our lights on waiting for all who come! Enjoy this month’s read.
Candy Zulkosky, Editor in Chief
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